Projects Principal

Major projects executed and equipment supplied by Associated Commercial Agencies (ACA) from the following principals/manufacturers

M/s. Maschinefabrik Reinhausen GmbH, Germany
  • Supplied more than 2500 Nos. of On Load Tap Changers (OLTCs) of various types for power transformers and auto Transformers to WAPDA / KESC, transformer, manufacturers and multi- national companies
  • Besides above of the Products of M/s. HIGHVOLT GmbH Germany, M/s. Messko GmbH & Co., Germany and Power Quality Management, Germany (the subsidiaries of “MR” Germany), like testing equipment/electric precision instruments are being supplied to customers
M/s. LS Network- LS cable & System (Joint Venture)
  • Supply of extra high voltage up to 220 kV underground cables and accessories to K-Electric (formally Karachi Electric Supply Corporation), DHA Karachi under various contracts since 2001 on turnkey basis
  • Design, supply, installation, laying, testing & commissioning and civil works for 132 kV XLPE UGC 1000sqmm between 220 kV GIS Shalamar 132 kV Shalamar –II grid station on turnkey basis (ADB-LESCO-01)
  • Design, supply, installation, laying, testing & commissioning and civil works for 132kV XLPE UGC 1000sqmm between 132 kV Sunny View G/S – 132 kV Mcleod Road G/S – 132 kV Qartaba G/S on turnkey basis (ADB-LESCO-02)
  • Supply of OPGW and associated hardware to Ghazi Barotha hydro power projects for Barotha – Rewat 500 kV transformer line
  • Survey, design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, laying, construction, installation, erection, testing, commissioning, energization and handing over on turnkey basis of 220 kV double circuit UGC XLPE 1600sqmm cable from LALAZAR G/S to ICI PLDP
  • Supply, installation & repair works including civil work of 132 kV XLPE UGC to various organizations in Pakistan like KE, Amreli Steels and DHA
  • Supply of OPGW & associated hardware with live line installation of 220/132 kV Lines for K-Electric against contract 2480-09
  • Design, manufacturing, supply, construction, erection, testing and commissioning on turnkey basis for Part B 132 kV UGC cables by looping in-out from existing 132 kV XLPE circuit from Gulshan G/s to Civic Center G/S for connecting 132 kV G/S to AGHA Khan G/S
  • Supply of EHV 132 kV XLPE cable for barge mounted karkey rental power project to NTDC
M/s. Elektrim, Warszawa, Poland
  • Complete grid stations of 132 kV and 66 kV to WAPDA along with transmission lines and accessories
  • 250 Nos. power transformers of various capacities and voltages to WAPDA / K-Electric
M/s. Pezetel, Poland
  • Large and small diesel generating sets to government and private sectors
M/s. Centrozap Katowice, Poland
  • Electric arc furnaces of various capacities to re-rolling mills in Pakistan. Electrodes for electric furnaces
  • Overhead electric cranes of various capacities.
  • Consultancy and engineering services to big rolling mills of Pakistan for running furnaces and rolling mills
M/s Daewoo International - Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd. South Korea
  • Executed contract of 7 Nos. grid stations of M/s. GEPCO- Gujranwala, under Korean loan.
M/s. Nokia Capacitors, Finland
  • Supply of 132 kV power capacitor banks under Scandinavian credit
  • Supply of 132 kV capacitor banks under ADB Loan
M/s. Hinopak Motors Limited, Pakistan
  • Supply of heavy weight trucks to WAPDA
M/S. Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
  • Supply of medium voltage cables to WAPDA
  • Supply of cold rolling mills and hot strip mills rolls to M/s Pakistan steel mills
M/s. Union Electric Steel, Belgium
  • Supply of backup rolls of Hitachi to M/s. Pakistan steel mills
  • Supply of steel rolls to private steel rolling mills in Pakistan
M/s. China Light, China
  • Supply of 10/13, 132/11 kV power transformers to WAPDA
M/s. Chint Electric Company, China
  • Supplied 5 units 132/ 11.5 kV, 31.5/ 40 MVA power transformers to GEPCO-Gujranwala under ADB Loan
M/s. Lagnano Teknoelectric Company Middle East
  • Supply of electrical steel silicon cores for power and distribution transformers to PEL, Validus engineering & HEC
M/s.Vertiv, USA
  • Vertiv offers critical infrastructure technologies and rapidly-deployable customized solutions to meet specific business requirements and needs.
M/s.PPC Insulators ,Germany
  • We present state-of-the-art electrical porcelain insulators for overhead transmission lines, substations and electrostatic precipitator applications

Elastimold Egypt
PPC insulators