Established in 1968, we have been working with several renowned local and foreign suppliers and manufacturers to introduce various power and energy products and related technologies in Pakistan.


ACA has set the stage for industrial and economic development by capitalizing on our innovative technology to supply various special industrial cables, chemicals, steel products and other industrial materials to a wide array of clients in Pakistan and abroad.

ACA has the privilege of supplying state-of-the-art products such as complete grid stations, mobile substation, mobile grid station equipment, auto transformers, power transformers, diesel power generators, medium and high voltage power cables, transmission line equipment / materials and important components like On Load Tap Changers (OLTCs), rolling mills rolls, high tension capacitors and 132/220 kV high voltage bushing etc. to WAPDA/NTDC, Disco’s, K-Electric and private organizations in Pakistan, besides complete Electric Arc services of higher capacity which are working satisfactorily.

ACA has organized various technical seminars in Pakistan to educate the engineers and end users about the knowledge of relay panels and supply, installation and energizing of power cables (132/220 kV XLPE cable), terminations and cable joints etc.

We have the privilege of working with various government, semi-government, multi-nationals and private organizations in Pakistan. ACA has grown to become a trustworthy and a reliable source of quality products and services in this industry.

We have a unique, closely-knit, worldwide network made up of premium service providers. Our partnerships enable us to achieve exceptional performance based on mutual trust, respect and care by ACA people who value integrity and sense of ownership by creating a greater value together, externally, through cooperation and open minds.

We have a team of highly foreign qualified and professional individuals who are working at 5 destination offices in Pakistan and Middle-East.